Sharon Lee

My boyfriend and I were first time home buyers, and Joseph was an immense help to us, as we had very little knowledge to start with. He took his time and described each process with us, and helped us find the best rate for our situation, explaining in detail, the benefits and differences of fixed rates and variable rates. As first time buyers, we had many questions and Joseph was quick to respond in detail. We highly reccomend having a conversation with him, and using his services.

Keith Kwan

Joseph made my first home buying experience extremely easy. I didn’t realize how easy it was to buy a property but that is mostly due to Joseph’s work on making my first experience stress free.
He took the time to explain all the terms and i came out knowing a lot more than i did before we went through this. Joseph always made himself available for any small questions and always provided us with an explanation.  I highly recommend speaking to Joseph even if you have purchased a place before. His services are extremely valuable to anyone in need of any advice or help!

Dennison Trinh

It was a pleasure working with Joseph for our unique mortgage needs. E-mail and phone communication with him was always prompt and clear, making the whole mortgage application as stress free as possible. His approach to the process was very transparent, providing us with instructions and updates, explaining any details we were unsure of, and going over all of our mortgage options. I would highly recommend Joseph to anyone looking to secure a mortgage that works best for them.

Andre Pow

Joseph is definitely my broker of choice moving forward. We had a bit of trouble applying for a mortgage with a deadline drawing near, but Joseph was able to secure us one with a decent loan amount and rate. Despite all the paperwork that’s needed, Joseph patiently made the process a lot easier. It was a very stressful month but we managed thanks to him.

Alan Sitt

Joseph helped my fiancé and I secure a mortgage for our first home and the rate could not be beat. It was our first time using a mortgage broker and I got to say, the experience was a lot easier than I expected. Of course we were both very hesitant in the beginning not knowing what to expect, but Joseph was very patient with us throughout the process. He really took the time to explain how it all worked and kept us focused on what we needed. He is very passionate about helping us and making sure that the decisions we made were in our best interest. After the whole process, I only had one question for him, why doesn’t everyone use a mortgage broker? You don’t have to pay anything from your own pockets, he does the leg work for you in finding the best options, the lenders are very reliable and credible (the big 5 included) and after speaking with my personal banker, the rate could not be beat. So, why not..??  We would just like to say thank you again for helping us with this process and making it possible to get our first home.

Jessica Chow and Alexander Chan

7 months after Joseph helped me renew my mortgage, my wife and I decided to sell the house and buy a new home. Thanks to Joseph’s advice on going with variable mortgage after mentioning our wish to selling and buying new home in the future, we saved a lot of money from potentially breaking a fixed mortgage with high penalty. We went back to Joseph for the new mortgage application. He continued providing exceptional services and professional advices. He was able to get me an exceptional rate. I highly recommend Joseph if you are looking for new mortgage.

CC Mak

We had a consultation with Joseph even before purchasing our home to better understand our borrowing power and what we can actually afford. He discussed with us regarding to our lifestyle, our risk tolerance and our financial situation. Base on our situation, he prepared an analysis for our needs and the possible options. With his professional advice, we felt confident to look at potential home with a comfortable budget in mind when it came to offer time. After we are successful in getting the home that we wanted, we went back to Joseph and arranged the best option of financing that fit our financial situation. The financing process with Joseph is extremely easy and worry-free. He processed all the information quickly and able to secure a mortgage for us with a tight closing deadline. He constantly followed up with us and walked through all the steps, not to mention that he responded to our questions very promptly. The experience working with Joseph was very pleasant and stress-free. Highly recommend to first time home buyer and people who look to refinance their mortgage!

Jenny Lee


My husband and I received phenomenal service from Joseph while trying to renew our mortgage. He is very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, super hard working (he would get back to you promptly late at night, on weekends, just whenever you need him), and also really friendly. We knew that he was the ‘right guy’ to work with right after our first phone conversation. The best part of working with Joseph was that he always made everything easy. You can leave everything to him, and not worry a thing! He also explains everything clearly and easily so people like me with almost no knowledge of mortgage can understand as well. I would definitely work with Joseph again in the future. I would highly recommend him!